Hi All- Thank you for visiting my website.  The Fashionable Eye is a way for me to share my passion for fashion and home décor.  My goal is to show outfit ideas for all ages and multiple ways to wear the same item; for example, a dress for running errands that turns into an all night party.  My travel experiences for work and pleasure have inspired many of my outfits throughout the blog.   And because I’m a business girl by day, some of my posts will contain stylish corporate apparel.

My other passion is animals, especially dogs!  I currently have two dogs who are completely opposites that you will see often posted on my page.  The “boss man” as I call him is a 9lb Min Pin who calls all the shots.  I also have a rescue chocolate poodle who never stops wagging his tail.  He is the friendliest dog and has brought me so much joy, except when he eats my lipsticks- which has been 9 but who’s counting!! :)

Your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks for stopping by my page.  Feel free to email any questions to thefashionableeye@gmail.com

Xo, Beth

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