Fall Dining Room Decor
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Fall Dining Room Decor

This is the one room…

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Wade’s Maternity Photo Shoot

Wade’s Maternity Photo Shoot

I initially wasn’t sure about…

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Studded Pumps

Studded Pumps

This might be my favorite…

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We will officially be meeting our son in two weeks!!  And, our hospital bags are official packed (besides the last minute items).   I’m sharing my must-have items for the hospital based off my first childbirth experience.  I ended up having an emergency c-section with Wade  so I’ve opted to have a scheduled c-section this time around.  That being said, I don’t pack any pants to wear at the hospital (I do pack pants to go home though)!!  So I’m not sure if pants would be appropriate for a regular birthing experience or not.   In my opinion, they’re uncomfortable over the mesh underwear (diapers) you have to wear for a long time.  And, people come in constantly to check on your incision or stitching, so pants just don’t make sense.   Below is my list of necessities and I’ve also linked everything that is currently in my bag!

Comfy Robe (literally all I wear at the hospital).  I typically bring two, a light weight one and a heavier one depending on the temperature.

Nursing Bra/Nipple Cream (the hospital usually gives you this though)

Nursing/Sleep Shirt (I liked the softest one below)

Toiletries (hair brush, regular & dry shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, extra. hair ties and face wipes, contacts & glasses).  FYI, the FACE WIPES are a must!  This way you can feel clean without having to get out of bed constantly.  I even used them whenever I was home because I was often too tired to actually wash my face.

Drinks and Snacks– preferable snacks with A LOT of FIBER 🙂

Pillows and possible a bath towel if you prefer.

Comfy socks & slippers.  I linked the softest pair of socks below!

A going home outfit- I packed a very lose pair of leggings, my husbands t-shirt and a cozy cardigan.

Obviously a car seat!  and I’ve included a warm cover and newborn insert to my bag since the baby will be born in the winter.

A going home outfit for the baby and a couple outfits for the hospital.  I packed two different outfits in both newborn size and 0-3 months since I’m not sure how big or small he’ll be.

Receiving blankets 

Cell phone charger!! Extra long cord if possible

An outfit for a newborn baby photo.  We deliver at Magee Hospital in Pittsburgh and they have someone come around and take newborn photos for you right there!  It was so nice to not have to worry about once I got home.

I’ve always been a huge fan of coats, regardless of the season.  AND I’m obsessed with the pink faux fur ombre jacket!  It’s the most amazing piece.  It’s…

Let’s all be honest, it’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself to workout.   Well, that’s totally true for me and it’s been even harder for me while pregnant!  I usually go to a workout class so someone is pushing me, but after I became 18 weeks pregnant they were getting to hard for me so I started working out on my own (or not going)!  This last month I told myself I’ll be dedicated to the gym especially because I will not be able to workout for a couple months after the baby arrives.  And obviously, you cannot workout without clothes that actually fit and are comfortable!  I’m sharing my favorite affordable options below… good luck ladies!



It was a chilly Friday night but it sure was fun!  We went to Soergel’s Orchard for one pumpkin and ended up riding ALL the tractors! It’s so…

A dress that literally works for any occasion, including maternity or non-maternity, from PinkBlush!  I wore this dress to a bridal shower so I opted for heels and…

I love a good fringe cardigan and this on is no exception!  I’ve had this one for a couple years and it’s so easy to pair with casual booties or dress it up with some heels.  Since my look has been more casual lately, I’ve paired it with simple basics for a trip to Soergels with my little guy!